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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  August 14, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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kenya. kenya calling on people to strike in protest after last week's election results. that leads to this, nairobi, a man through tear gas looking for safety from riot police. the response to the call for strike, everybody to stay home from work seems to be limited. a lot of businesses reopening after shutting down during the election period. the photographer here ben curtis for the ap. i'd love to hear your thoughts on facebook, twitter, snapchat and, by the way, instagram which i'm taking over for nbc in a few minutes. thank you for joining us on this busy hour of msnbc. more to come with ali velshi and stephanie ruhle. >> good morning. i'm stephanie ruhle. >> i'm ali velshi. nbc's peter alexander is with vice president mike pence in colombia for an exclusive interview. we'll be hearing from him in
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just a moment. deadly attack in charlottesville, virginia, 20-year-old spectacular james alex fields just and in court within the last hour. he's accused of ramming his car into a crowd killing one woman and injuring 19 others. >> plus president trump will meet with attorney general jeff sessions and fbi director christopher wray. the president facing criticism for not explicitly condemning the role of white supremacists in the deadly protest. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms they egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. on many sides. >> president trump yesterday stated clearly that he condemns hate and violence in all of its forms. >> they made a very strong statements that directly contradicted the ideology of hatred, violence, bigotry,
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racism, white supremacy. though things must be condemned in this country. they are totally unacceptable. >> that was a strong statement. >> that actually was. >> a strong statement. >> what he was referring to that the president made wasn't all that strong. >> also the justice department has opened up a civil rights investigation into that car crash that killed 32-year-old heather heyer. others listed in good condition, nine others released. >> finally let's take a moment to remember two virginia state troopers who were killed when their helicopter crashed while monitoring the rally. burt bates would have turned 41 years old yesterday. the other was 48-year-old lieutenant jay cullen. berke bates. first of all, what happened in court this morning? >> reporter: hi. a few moments ago, past hour or
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so the suspect appeared and charged with second degree murder and other charges. he did not enter plea. the judge did not grant bail. during that hearing he was appointed an attorney. he said he earns about $600 a week. the next court appearance for later this month, august 25th. outside of court it was a bit of a scene as well when a white nationalists, stlf described white nationalists came out and defended what skrason kessler basically said yesterday that the white nationalists, they are blaming the police for not giving them the opportunity to speak their views. they were shouted down by other people in the streets. it was just a few moments ago. here this memorial is growing for the victims. as we learn more about the suspect as well, fields mother said she didn't know he was heading to charlottesville, virginia, didn't know about his political views. she did mention she thought it had something to do with the donald trump rally but she wasn't sure. we're learning more about the
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victims, heather heyer, her mother is devastated and speaking out saying heather was someone who tried to speak out against hate and died doing that again, the community trying to heal at this point with the news news in the last hour. the suspect in the car crash in court charged with second degree murder, a judge denied him bail. ali. >> denied bail, which means we are waiting to hear that the case against him when a date is set for the trial? >> not a date set for the trial. the next hearing august 25th, his attorneys could make an argument why he should receive bail earlier than that. due back in court aig 25th. again, no bail. could face several trits charges, department of justice opened federal investigation whether civil rights violated ali. >> so much at stake, so much to be discussed. also at the core of it, if we
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are hearing from the suspect, it's an issue of freedom of speech. they didn't get their message out there. americans are advocates of free speech but where does hate speech fall into that. >> this is a very big deal. we're going to be hearing from the justice department and fbi on what they are doing as well. >> that young woman, heather heyer, 32-year-old woman killed by the car that plowed into her, she was a peaceful demonstrator on saturday, born and raised in charlottesville, virginia. nbc had a chance to speak to her mother who is devastated but said heather lost her life fighting for equality. >> her entire life has been about fighting for justice for everyone and fairness and fair treatment. you better be able to explain to her why something was true or not true, why it had to be that way. as a child that could be maddening. as a parent that can be
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difficult and challenging. but nevertheless, i encouraged and allowed her to be strong willed. not that i could probably could have changed her even if i wanted. >> reminiscence about somebody who stood up for what she believed in. >> she lost her life fighting for equality. joining us now alfred wilson who hired her at the law firm where she worked as a paralegal. first, we are so sorry to hear about your loss. how did you hear about her death? >> i was actually notified by one of our other paralegals, melissa blair, who was also there with heather during the protest as well. >> alfred, you were her boss, direct supervisor really for about five years. tell us a little about her. >> heather was an amazing woman. she was very strong willed, very opinionated. one of the things she definitely stood on was basically social injustice.
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she wanted to see that minorities, any different religions or sexual preference actually always had their rights held up as well. >> alfred, i'm just going to ask you to hold up for a second. we've got an interview with the vice president that's happening live right now. stand by, alfred, we'll come back to you. let's go to cartagena with vice president mike pence. >> ali, stephanie, thank you very much. we are here with vice president in cartagena, this is at a church where you just visited. mr. vice president good to see you. you just visited with migrants who came over in the not too distant past. the president raised the possibility of military options. why should americans support the idea of military options in a place like venezuela? what would the goal of that be. >> first off, thank you for being here, peter, and helping
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to tell the story of migrants from venezuela. i spoke to families who came literally in the last week. a grandmother told me she brought her grandchildren five days ago because children in venezuela are unable to get food or water or medicine. her grandchildren were having to get up at 5:00 in the morning to get a ticket to buy a piece of bread late in the afternoon. she called leadership under m madu maduro, and the president has said we're not going to stand by while it crumbles into a dictatorship. america standing for democracy in venezuela is the right thing to do. >> you opposed the idea of military intervention. is that an appropriate effort by the u.s. >> what's appropriate is for the united states of america to make it clear as we have, as the president said, many options on venezuela. we're simply not doing to tolerate seeing venezuela
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collapse into dictatorship. look, a failed state knows no borders. as we see venezuela collapse into dictatorship, it becomes a hub, even a greater hub for narcotics. they are tearing apart families in our country. became a driving force for migration that compromises our borders, compromises our economy. the president has made it very clear as venezuela collapses, it threatens the prosperity and security of the united states and all the nations in this hemisphere. so he sent me here to deliver a message of resolve, that the united states of america is committed to bring all of the resources of our nation, economically and diplomatically to bear, to bring venezuela back to the point where its people can restore democracy. >> let me ask you about another foreign policy issue that concerns americans. the president at bedminster was asked is the u.s. going to war,
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he answered, i think you know the answer to that. a lot of americans don't know the answer to that. is the united states going to go to war with north korea. >> the president sent me with a specific message and others in the administration. he himself has made it clear, the era of strategic patience is over. the united states of america will no longer tolerate a nuclear capable north korea. >> is his language making the world more or less safe right now? critics fear he's making a more dangerous world. >> i believe the facts suggest otherwise, peter. we're seeing an unprecedented level of cooperation, our allies. the president will speak later today, prime minister abe in japan. he spoke with president xi in china this weekend. we're working with our allies in the region. we're working with china in all new and renewed ways to isolate north korea economically and diplomatically. now, the president has made it
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clear, all options are on the table. as we saw in those recent launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles, north korea has the capability with its ballistic missile program to reach america. as it possesses usable nuclear weapons that's intolerable to this country. president trump has made it very clear we're going to keep all options on the table. we're going to bring all the resources of american economic diplomatic power as well as strategic resources of the united states to ensure that we achieve the world's objective, which is a nuclear-free korean peninsula. >> as we talk about the u.s. effort in places like russia right now with the sanctions bill last week being signed by the president, the president at the time tweeted our relationship with russia is at an all-time and very dangerous low. you can thank congress. why is it congress's fault? >> the sanctions congress put into effect did not include the traditional flexibility. >> the relationship with russia at an all-time low.
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>> did not include flexibility as you know, that prior administrations given. that being said what congress passed and what the president signed is completely consistent with the policies of this administration. with regard to russian aggression i spoke about in regard last week ukraine, crimea, russian actions across the region with rogue regions will no longer tolerate that. but as president trump has said, we will stand firm with our allies in the region. we will stand with free nations in the region. but we believe that certainty about our positions will create an opportunity for a better relationship with russia, and we hope that we can have one. >> last question very briefly. the president has said the russian probe is a hoax and witch hunt. is the russia probe a hoax? >> look, the president and his administration and our entire team are fully cooperating with
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the special council. >> simple question for americans. >> the president has made it very clear that he believes there was no collusion whatsoever in the course of our campaign. he has his strong opinions on this, and, peter, he's entitled to them. what i can promise you is this administration from the president on down is continuing to focus on the issues that matter most to the american people. standing strong on the moral stage as president trump has been doing. standing strong in our hemisphere for the kind of stability that the create better prosperity and help us deal with issues like illegal immigration and the flow of narcotics into our country and advancing the kind of policies that now have more than a million new jobs created in our country, see the stock market setting all new records. america is back, the world knows it. the american people feel it because this president is completely focused on his agenda to make america great again. >> i stand between you and a flight home but i have to ask you because it is what americans are talking about today.
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today ceo of merck said based on his conscious he had to leave the president's business council. do you have any concern even if it's not the president's intention that he, in fact, by not condemning white supremacists by their names is dividing americans. >> peter, we talked about that very extensively yesterday. the president made it very clear in his statement over the week that we condemn all forms of hate and violence, and particularly condemn, as we did yesterday, we condemned the hate and the violence and the bigotry of organizations that showed up in charlottesville like the kkk and white supremacists. the president was clear on that and will continue to be clear. i think you'll also see this president to call on our country to move beyond these fractious times and come together with the values we share across this hemisphere and free nations
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around the world. i truly believe under the president's leadership we're going to see more unity in america and see extremist voices on the far right and far left marginalized as they should be as americans come together around shared values. >> i know you have three more stops on this trip. we appreciate you letting us join you. we toss it back to you in new york. >> great conversation with the vice president. interesting, the vice president condemned kkk, he condemned white supremacy. we heard jeff sessions do it. they both said president trump has done that, he said all those things. duly the president's comments have been a lot more tepid. a lot of people on social media saying why does it matter? why are we waiting for the president to say the name. the white house and president have told us if you don't say something's name you can't fight it. >> not only the white house but the president over and over.
8:16 am
sebastian gorkha, why we ended up in the situation we did with syria, north korea and felt president obama was too careful in his word choices. it's extraordinary, because president trump who would never, ever be considered careful in any word choices is so careful here, not speaking out against white supremacists, not speaking out against vladimir putin, mitch mcconnell, jeff sessions, so many people saying why why. >> what's the problem. let's get back toal fred, who worked with heather heyer and worked with her five years before her death on saturday. i guess you got to hear that conversation a little bit. there are some alt-right, far right wing websites that have been posting terrible things about heather online. given this conversation that
8:17 am
we're having about white supremacists and kkk and neo-nazi groups, what message do you want to send to them or the president about how to move forward with this? >> i'm appalled hearing what the vice president and the president's approach has been to the white supremacists. if they were truly here, the alt-right, as they say they were, to protest or basically stand up about the statue, that's what it's supposed by all about, they should have passed out some kind of educational material to say why the statue was significant to this area. robert e. lee wasn't even born in this area, he was born in stanford, virginia north of here. he wasn't buried or died here either so no significance for his statue to be in charlottesville. the important reason and the reason i'm here today was because of heather. heather was an outspoken young woman that cared about minority rights, cared about gays and
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lesbians rights. she wanted to see everyone treated equally. that's one of the things that wasn't done, wanted to strapped up against the protest, against the alt-right coming here to charlottesville to basically show that she stood up for minority rights. this whole thing again with alt-right coming here is just appalling. to me it's an embarrassment to our country that mr. trump -- i call him mr. trump because i don't see him as my president. this isn't a man leading our country. this is a man dividing our country. heather definitely stood against him. she basically wanted to see us as a country come together and wanted to see minorities get their opportunity to see life being treated as equals. >> there you are in charlottesville after this awful weekend you just endured. what's it like there now, do you feel safe? >> no, i don't. i have three children myself. it's one of those things i feel
8:19 am
a little more nervous about. i came to the charlottesville area because i wanted to give a better place for my family. charlottesville is a beautiful town, a spre diverse town. it's a place that basically allows intellectual individuals. this is not charlottesville. charlottesville people are very diverse, educated people and people who love their community and love what's going on in our country as far as just the ability to grow. but what you see, this is not charlottesville. those people are coming from out of the charlottesville area. we have people like heather -- yes, sir. >> go ahead. finish your thought, please. >> no, just saying we have people like heather who want to see equal rights for everyone. i mean, heather, i used to watch
8:20 am
her and see her at work and she would be crying behind her desk, all because of the simple fact she would picture and see individuals want to see me different because here i am her supervisor as a minority male getting looked at, stared at as if i'm doing something wrong when all i'm doing is trying to save their houses. >> thank you. our thoughts are with you and heather appear her family. when alfred said he doesn't feel safe i spent so much time on social media, we have gay people not feeling safes brown people, black people, women who don't feel safe. why in 2017 are we having these discussions? >> ali velshi you don't have to be a member of a minority group to speak out. this is about humanity. we have to share heather's last facebook post, if you're not
8:21 am
outraged, you're not paying attention. she certainly sounds like a very strong woman. we're going to take a break. next, a hard look at president trump's stance on charlottesville. eight months into his presidency and he's still not denouncing nazis, white supremacy, people like vladimir putin and we are holding the president accountable. that's next. ♪ no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico.
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good morning. some of these images are very disturbing. >> this is video of fields driving away from the scene of the crash. >> fbi and federal prosecutors opened civil rights investigations. >> you can be sure this department of justice in his administration is going to take the most vigorous action to
8:26 am
protect the right of people like heather heyer to protest against racism and bigotry. >> i just knew he was going to a rally. i tried to stay out of his political views. >> i thought the nazis were great and what hitler did was great. this whole white supremacy, racial dominance thing, he was into that. >> white supremacists, nazis, get out of this country. i say get out of my state but get out of the country. >> two troopers whose helicopter went down. >> a makeshift memorial to heather heyer who died. >> i'm really not angry. i'm very sad. i'm very, very sad. >> in charlottesville sunday they shouted down jason kessler. across the country marches in los angeles, denver, chicago,
8:27 am
new york, baltimore, and houston. >> president trump has come under fire for not explicitly condemning the role of white supremacists in the protest. >> we condemn egregious display of bigotry on many sides, many sides. >> why didn't he single out white supremacists. >> president trump stated clearly he condemns hate and violence in all of its forms. we will not tolerate hatred and violence of groups like white supremacists, kkk and neo-nazi. these fringe groups have no place in america today. >> they specifically called out nazis and kkk. >> the president did not. >> the statement came from the
8:28 am
white house. >> came from the white house, it sure did. it was authorized. >> when you're given an opportunity to knock down white supremacists and nazis you take it. >> need to be way tougher with white supremacists. >> groups from both sides dressed in riot gear, looking for violence. >> you decried both sides of this, and this the issue. >> no. no, i didn't. >> all this white supremacists. >> certainly call it terrorism. >> this is terrorism, domestic terrorism, white nationalism, and it has to stop. >> lots of people don't have a problem calling it what it is, calling it terrorism, white supremacists, white nationalists, you heard the president -- >> which is what the alt-right is. alt-right not a radio station with grunge music but an
8:29 am
organization representing these people. >> the president has been criticized obviously for his lack of response to saturday's deadly violence in charlottesville. it's important if you hadn't seen it the president's initial comments were vague and blamed both sides. they be the white house put out a comment more specific that's what jeff sessions and mike pence were talking about but not attributed to the president. >> let's bring in our guest, msnbc political analyst who served as a pollster for dnc and barack obama's presidential campaigns. also msnbc analyst served as national spokesman for ted cruz national campaign. i want to start with you. is this the tipping point for republicans? i know we've said it over and over and over but certainly feels that way today. i want to share first what lindsey graham said. >> he missed an opportunity to be very explicit here. these groups seem to believe they have a friend in donald trump and the white house. i don't know why they believe that, but they don't see me as a friend in the senate.
8:30 am
i would urge the president to dissuade these groups he's their friend. >> this isn't a time for innuendo or allow room to be read between the lines. this is the time to lay blame. lay blame on bigotry and white sprem supremacists, nationalists. >> he needed to be way tougher, nonsensical thing. anybody who has experienced any level of racism, prejudice, knows this is disgusting, it's un-american, and it cannot be tolerated. >> that's from anthony scaramucci who considers the president to be a superhero. rick. >> this is a stage 4 cancer and fast growing in the republican party. it's do-or-die for the republican party. let's put this in context. donald trump's daughter is of the jewish faith. her husband jared kushner is a jew. that's trump's son-in-law. these are nazis. we can't condemn nazis? it's unbelievable the lack of moral clarity that the country
8:31 am
looks to the president for to provide moral clarity and guidance for what to think about these events. this is an american city with nazis and racists and haters and the alt-right. this president can't take that opportunity to condemn this violence and condemn people behind the violence. i think we have to eradicate this from the republican party or the republican party will not survive. >> cornell, it's interesting. many of us watching president trump's comments on saturday were really puzzled by them. this is sort of a very clear opportunity, as lindsey graham said, a neo-nazi website indicated they were happy with donald trump's comments. the founder of daily stormer. no condemnation at all. when asked to condemn he just walked out of the room. really, really good. god bless him. cornell, i don't even know what question to ask you, i just want to get your thoughts on this.
8:32 am
>> first i want to join my friend and colleague here on the right, it is a cancer. when you look at the demographic change happening in our country -- and you know this, i think you talk about it on the show. a decade and a half we're at a tipping point where we're coming close to a majority-minority country. this sort of level of aversion rising as we go browner. this is how we lose our democracy. this is how america doesn't win the future. we're not going to be attacked and we're not going to fail because of russia and putin or even radical terrorism. we're going to lose because we can't get along. the voice said problem of the 20th century is the problem of the color line, and we continue to struggle with that. we have a history in our politics of racial baiting one side against the other, right? that can't continue, because we're not going whiter as a country, we're going browner. we're either going to have to
8:33 am
figure out how to get along together or the future belongs to asia and china, all right. so the most powerful thing the president can do not as commander in chief, most powerful tool the president has is the tool of the bully pulpit. the moral authority of the presidency matters. the president should step up and be a lot more vigorous in attacking this and not giving equivalence to both sides here. joe biden is right here. there's only one side here. the president needs to step up and speak strongly out against this sort of hatred and separatism because it's actually going to destroy our country. >> rick, let's get real. let's go back not just a year and a half but the last five years. president trump questioned the legitimacy, i'm talking about the birther issue of our first black president barack obama.
8:34 am
while on the campaign trail, he artfully avoided denouncing david duke over and over. in the white house he hired the champion of the alt-right, the man who brought the alt-right to the forefront steve bannon. he's got steve miller, sebastian gorkha and now here we are. even today if he corrects whether or not he said on saturday, how do you make sense of all of these actions? >> breitbart has become pejorative. scaramucci got that right. i think there was a redemption for him. we can't have breitbart as a vehicle for the alt-right and we certainly can't have oval office as a vehicle for the alt-right. donald trump can't afford to have this cancer in the republican party which he represents. my party nominated donald trump to be president. so guilty or not, whoever is in the white house associated with alt-right has to go or it's
8:35 am
going to playigue the republica party. it's a do-or-die moment. i think a lot of republicans have come out and said the right thing. if you base your campaign saying we have to call white supremacists terrorism by its name. >> consistency should be there. this should not be a partisan issue. rick, thanks for being here. cornell, thanks so much for your words on this. stephaniet i'm only recently an american citizen. when 9/11 i wasn't. when the shooting in charlotte happened i wasn't. one thing as a non-american i would say, boy, when bad things happen, your president brings you people together. they speak for the whole nation. now as an american citizen i tuned in to hear that. i needed it just as a citizen to hear what are you going to say to bring us together, because what just happened there drew us apart. >> think about being a new
8:36 am
yorker after 9/11. the city, the country came together. it's extraordinary. today we're still not getting that message from the president. >> this is not partisan stuff. >> there's more fallout from president trump's response to what happened in charlottesville. the african-american chairman and ceo of drugmaker merck resigned from the president's manufacturing council in protest of president trump's response. you see ken frazier here, he and with the president at the white house just a month ago. today frazier issued a statement saying in part, america's leaders must honor fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry and group supremacy which run counter to the american ideal that people are all created equal. >> then after that thoughtful statement, what did that president do? he trolled him. he got onto twitter and said now that ken frazier merck pharma has resigned from president's manufacturing council, he will have more time to lower rip-off
8:37 am
drug prices. the level of distaste is remarkable. >> when americans get behind the ceo of a drugmaker. >> nobody is on the side of drugmakers. >> what is this going to do? you can see on social media huge pressure for ceos who sat there quietly on the president's councils. listen, those meetings made for great photo opportunities. we have cret to hear of a great takeaway on tax reform. the pressure is on. more and more leaders are held accountable saying are you going to stand beside the president as he stands silent. you have the gop under pressure, ceos under pressure and the white house. how many times hear h.r. mcmaster, general kelly, the whole organization, where are they. h.r. mcmaster penned an op-ed, i haven't seen the president tweet about that. >> we're going to break down terms, terms of hate, we're naming the organizations and their goals so you know what's out there.
8:38 am
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in light of charlottesville you have been hearing a lot about the alt-right. let's did he type it, not to bring power to hate groups but remove the power from them. know these names, know these terms, be on the lookout. the alt-right is also known as the alternative right. according to the southern poverty law center it is a group of radical extreme conservatives. their ideology is based on white supremacy. they are racist, anti-semitic and anti-immigrant. the alt-right recruits the youth of our great nation. they are looking for young, white, educated individuals. the alt-right became mainstream during 2016 election. >> all right. that's the alt-right.
8:43 am
you're also going to hear the term white nationalists. that's a term used to describe white nationalists who organized the protests in charlottesville, virginia. they include members of the alt-right, ku klux klan, neo-nazi or neo-confederates. some have benign names like american vanguard, faith in heritage, national policy institute but let's call it what it is, white nationalists are white racists who believe in white supremacy and who seek an all white state. >> let's talk, i can't believe i'm saying this, ku klux klan, oldest american hate group. primary target is african-americans, known for carrying out civil war era tar and featherings, lynchings. this graph on the screen from southern law center shows spikes
8:44 am
and declines in kkk groups in the united states over the last 16 years. this is what stands out. the spike, the huge spike that we saw last year, 2016. >> another white nationalist group, neo-nazi. they espouse hatred of jews, gays, lesbians and some christians. they idolize adolf hitler. one of the most visible neo-nazi groups so keep an eye out for that name. >> finally neo-kfrts. according to the law center, neo-kfrts support civil war confederacy. a major jump in known neo-confederate groups over the last several years. it is extraordinary this is 2017 and we're able to do a walkthrough of all of them. >> names that should be in history. look, a lot of you have reached
8:45 am
out to us on social media, don't name these people, don't give them the platform they want. we're doing it for a reason, we are telling you. you need to know, they are out there. they are there in big numbers and you need to know how to think about it. >> they are on the lookout. when you see centers on twitter and seems like no big deal, a name that seems like nothing, it's something. we want you to know what they represent. we're joined by outreach director for southern poverty law center and a former skinhead recruiter and former member of a skinhead group. he co-founded life after hate, a nonprofit created to combat violent far right extremism. tony, i want to start with you, because the work you do is actually losing funding since this administration is put into power. >> absolutely. we were awarded a grant for $400,000 to do interventions by the obama administration under their community countering
8:46 am
violent extremism program. after the new administration came to power, that decision has been reversed and we lost our funding last month. >> did they say why? >> they said they recalibrated the scoring of the grants and changed the metrics and we didn't qualify under the new calibration. >> there's some scoring and metrics to look at this weekend, alicia. it is kind of amazing that a lot of people, i think a lot of americans will be surprised there's funding for these things because they say is this really that big a problem. we've just shown our audience what you know really, really well that not only is this still a problem. this business of alt-right, white centralism, ku klux klan neo-naziism is growing in america. >> it is growing. thank you for naming them, calling them out for what they are, white nationalists, white
8:47 am
separatists. the fact of the matter is it's growing in this country. what we need to understand is they are building coalitions, coming together, which makes it even more dangerous. i regret that the u.s. government and the trump administration has held back funding from organizations like life after hate. they need to restore funding to fight domestic far right extremism. it was just a week ago where sebastian gorka said that we spend too much -- there's too much focus put on white nationalists or white racists. we see from this weekend that that's not true. we also know at the southern poverty law center this trend will continue. yesterday we saw a march and rally in seattle. they have called for numerous rallies across the bay area in the coming weeks. this is an organized, strategic effort to bring together the far right groups, people have referred to them as fringe. they are no longer fringe.
8:48 am
they were emboldened during presidential campaign of donald trump. he with his racist, homophobic, zeno phobic, anti-muslim rhetoric emboldened them and made it possible for them to come out of the woodwork. so every since he's ascended to the presidency, they do, in fact, feel they have a friend in the white house. as we mentioned earlier with steve bannon as a senior adviser, sebastian gorka with ties to neo-nazi and steve miller with a long history of anti-immigrant, anti-multi-culturalism in his background, it's just obvious. all of us need to be very concerned about this and figure out how we're going to push back against this onward march for the white nationalists. >> tony, before we go, why are they on the rise? why are they growing? for parents out there, like ali and i, what do we need to be on the lookout for with our children as they are growing to be teens and young adults.
8:49 am
we mentioned earlier, these groups recruit. >> i think millennials are looking at a bleaker future than other generations. there's a lot of dissatisfaction out there. i think you have to monitor your child no matter how old they are, their internet content. a lot of this starts with a simple search online as was the case with dylann roof. it's quite easy to go right down a rabbit hole. if you take a vulnerable person looking for a sense of identity, sense of belonging, maybe don't quite fit in at school, a bit socially awkward maybe, they get offered, much in the same way isis does, that sense of belonging and to be part of something -- >> a cause. >> -- greater than themselves. a cause. we see this across different ideological spectrums, the same
8:50 am
mechanism. >> thank you for the work thank you do. and alicia brooks, thank you so much for the work you do every day to let people know about this danger. alicia brooks from the southern poverty law center. >> we're going to take a quick break. this is an important conversation. it's also important to note, neither ali or ananti-this administration oar hate. these images are graphic, but it is and an important story to tell. this one, 20-year-old deandre harris says he was beaten by white supremacists this weekend. look at this young man, fortunately home from the hospital. their experience is coveted.
8:51 am
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let's bring in venita gupta, the former head of the department of justice division. and she's also the president and ceo of the leadership conference on civil and human rights. >> some hope coming out of this horrible weekend that jeff sessions and the department of justice has indicated that they're opening an investigation into civil rights matters having to do with the stuff that went on in charlottesville.
8:55 am
>> i mean that is part of the historic role of the fbi and the justice department to investigate hate crimes, acts of domestic terror when they happen. it's interesting, the attorney general had voted against the federal hate crimes law when he was a u.s. senator but he has seemed more willing to pollute criminal liability and investigate those cases and it's important that the justice department is doing that here for very obvious reason. >> we think of isis as the face of terror, but this is a white supremacist and a neo-nazi being guilty of terrorism. >> i think you would have heard very, very quickly across the government people labeling this as domestic terrorism. i understand that the attorney general did that this morning and that's a good thing. but hate crimes, they are this country's original domestic
8:56 am
terrorism, i mean lynchings and everything else. african-americans have been subject to this for a very long time in this country. and we need to remember that history. >> that's what people are remembering today, they're hearing stories that their grandparents told them back in the old days. >> i also can't believe that the president of the united states still has not specifically and personally denounced the white supremacists marching in his name, invoking david duke and his promise. >> by name. >> we still have not heard from the president of the united states. but there's one thing i do want to add too. we can't just be focused on the words, he may try to claw it back this afternoon, which i assume that's what he's going to do. he appointed steve bannon, as a strategic advisor in the white
8:57 am
house. they are advancing a policy agenda that's aimed at excluding a wide swathe of the population. >> we need to stay on top of that and it's not reared its head and we know exactly what they are going. >> this is 2017, extraordinary. so with one protester dead, two virginia state patrol troopers also dead and 19 people injured in the violent clashes in charlottesville. here's a question, how can americans deal with the ideologies that divide our nation, whose job is it to ensure that what happened in virginia this weekend will never happen again? >> joining us now is wes gobar, he's the president of the west virginia black student alliance. wes, you're a young black man in this country, what does the future of america look like for you today? >> well, just one correction,
8:58 am
first is that i was there on saturday, i was not there on friday. but i have been in contact with people who were there. and i have heard from that experience. what i'll say as a black man, the way that i view is that in american history, a, this is nothing new, as much as this domestic white supremacist terrorism is uniquely american. so you can look at the history of race riots in this country, you can look at all kinds of things in this country, where black people have faced terrorism, intimidation, whenever they have made advanced -- advancements. they voted for a package for community residents, which is huge, actually, it's 4 milli$4 , and we can build on that, but that is why they're here, the kkk, these alt right groups, the kkk is here because of that.
8:59 am
that reaction brings a counter reaction, but i have also been surprised by how people have come forward to denounce white supremacy and to join and make progress on racial justice. >> wes, we're impressed by you, thank you so, so much for our work. >> i would like to think that wes is the future of this country, not the other horrible actors. right now we turn you to our friend and colleague andrea mitchell for "andrea mitchell reports." leadership tests, donald trump returning to washington now after the backlash grows over his failure to specifically condemn white supremacists friday's violence in charlottesville. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hate, bigotry and
9:00 am
violence on many sides, on many sides, this has been going on for a long time in our country. al. >> the white house trying to clear up the president's equivocation. >> he said on many sides. what are the sides? >> like i said before, we condemn in the strongest terms, the hate and violence advocated by groups like white supremacists sasupremacist s and neo-nazis and their ilk. >> he has been firm on this from the beginning, he is appalled by this. >> and the victims, two state troopers killed in a helicopter crash, and a woman killed by one of the white supremacist


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